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Everyone requesting access to the members areas of the website will be split into security access groups. This is because there are different parts of the website that require different security levels. ***If you believe that you should have access to a section of the website that you do not currently have access to, please send an email to the webmaster at

Please reach out to your webmaster, Rob Mitchell, if you have any questions or need assistance


Example Group

Who might fall into this group

Example pages this group might access

Members page and Community page

All members of this website


Every house has a membership

Members page, Waiting Lists


Current residents 

Members page, Residents, Community


Former residents that have left in good standing

Members page, Residents, Alumni, Community


Oxford House Kentucky Outreach Workers

Members, Residents, Alumni, Waiting Lists, Bullpen, Community


Family and friends of current and past residents

Members page and Community page